マザー・テレサは世界で最も畏敬の念を抱かせる女性の1人で、名前を聞いたことがないという人はほとんどいないのではないでしょうか。1910年にマケドニア(旧ユーゴスラビア)で生まれ、カトリック教徒の洗礼を受けます。 Our children, we want them, we love them, but what of the millions. I feel in the Convent with the Sisters as if I am in Calcutta with my own Sisters. I never forget an opportunity I had in visiting a home where they had all these old parents of sons and daughters who had just put them in an institution and forgotten maybe. So clear – those people in the street, those beggars – and I think that if our people can do like that how much more you and all the others who can know the ways and means without destroying the life that God has created in us. And today is the end of the year, have we really made the children wanted? And find out about your next-door neighbour – do you know who they are? That poverty comes right there in our own home, even neglect to love. Because if a mother can kill her own child – what is left for me to kill you and you kill me – there is nothing between. I feel in the Convent with the Sisters as if I am in Calcutta with my own Sisters. So let us thank God that we have had this opportunity to come to know each other, and this knowledge of each other has brought us very close. For we are touching the Body of Christ 24 hours. Our family is healthy, our family is united, and we can have a baby whenever we want. When I pick up a person from the street, hungry, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread, I have satisfied. Are we there, are we there to receive them, is the mother there to receive the child? And I want you – and I am very grateful for what I have received. 知っておられる方教えてください。. マザーテレサがノーベル平和賞を受賞した際のスピーチを知りたいんですが、それが載ったサイトとかないでしょうか?できれば日本語のものがいいです。探して見ましたが日本語の全文を見つけることはできませんでした。有名なのは冒頭スピ Like an angel – this is the greatness of our people. いっそのことその日は仕事を休んでしまおうかってくらい悩んでいます。 And we will be able through this understanding love to bring peace, be the good news to the poor. And she took the rice, she divided the rice, and she went out. And he said to me: I do not smoke for one week, and I send you this money. 三日後、彼の父親と母親が彼を家に連れてきました。私は彼らと一度も会ったことはありません、そして、その小さな子どもは、私の名前をちゃんと発音できませんでした。しかし、彼は自分で何をしに来たのかちゃんと分かってました。彼は”愛情を分かちあいたい”ということを理解してたのです。. 問題8個分で1mになる、はした5個分の長さは? And with this prize that I have received as a prize of peace, I am going to try to make the home for many people that have no home. Let us love Him with undivided love. Some time ago in Calcutta we had great difficulty in getting sugar, and I don’t know how the word got around to the children, and a little boy of four years old, Hindu boy, went home and told his parents: I will not eat sugar for three days, I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa for her children. I was surprised in the West to see so many young boys and girls given into drugs, and I tried to find out why – why is it like that, and the answer was: Because there is no one in the family to receive them. 夫の飲み会(いつも終電で帰宅)するのに帰ってこなかったので、電話をしてFaceTimeにしてもらいました。 Hungry for our love, and this is the hunger of our poor people. And you see this is where love begins – at home. (1)If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out.(愛のメッセージが欲しいのなら、あなたからそのメッセージを送らなくてはなりません。) (2)We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. 2016/2/13 That we may remain faithful to the gift of God, to love Him and serve Him in the poor together with you. So I did for her all that my love can do. なんて笑い話にしていたのですが、姉にこの話をしたところ、 マザーテレサはどんな人?生い立ちや受賞歴とは? マザーテレサの名言まとめ【英語+和訳付き】 “Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. 「気付け」「察しろ」が口癖。こちらから聞けば「自覚がない」「無知は罪」「わかってない時点で終わってる」という誹謗中傷。 きたのですが、 スティーブ・ジョブズのスタンフォード大卒業式のスピーチ 妻の性格の悪さが悩みです。結婚前には気付けませんでした。 And we read that in the Gospel very clearly – love as I have loved you – as I love you – as the Father has loved me, I love you – and the harder the Father loved him, he gave him to us, and how much we love one another, we, too, must give each other until it hurts. I had never met them before, and this little one could scarcely pronounce my name, but he knew exactly what he had come to do. We teach them the temperature meter which is very beautiful, very simple, and our poor people understand. This is something that you and I – it is a gift of God to us to be able to share our love with others. And share that joy with all that we come in touch with. Let us thank God for the opportunity that we all have together today, for this gift of peace that reminds us that we have been created to live that peace, and Jesus became man to bring that good news to the poor. Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor that we meet, Christ in the smile that we give and the smile that we receive. 新年を... この横顔を美しいという人と、シャクレてて駄目という人がいるのですが、一般的にはどっちなんでしょうか?, お正月のお飾りは、いつまでに飾るといいですか? Life is beauty, admire it. Then we were talking about that they had been to the home for the dying. 4年後,マザー・テレサは彼女自身の教団「神の愛の宣教者会」を始めることを許可してほしいとバチカンに要請する。 例文帳に追加 Four years later , Mother Teresa asks the Vatican to let her start her own order , the Missionaries of Charity. But I don’t want you to give me from your abundance, I want that you give me until it hurts. And that is why we believe what Jesus had said: I was hungry – I was naked – I was homeless – I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for – and you did it to me. So you must pray for us that we may be able to be that good news, but we cannot do that without you, you have to do that here in your country. But a person that is shut out, that feels unwanted, unloved, terrified, the person that has been thrown out from society – that poverty is so hurtable and so much, and I find that very difficult. They have to be woven with Christ to be able to understand, to be able to share. So completely at home here, right here. Life is a dream, realize it.” これが皆さんから愛をたくさんもらった理由です。私がここへ来た時から、ただ愛で囲まれていたのです、本当の分かち合える愛を。まるでインドにいる皆さん、アフリカにいる皆さんが貴方達にとって特別な方のように感じます。. Some time ago in Calcutta we had great difficulty in getting sugar, 以前、私達はカルカッタで砂糖を手に入れるのにものすごく苦労しました。 私自身、彼の両親と仲良... 昨年末のことですが、年末のお客様との電話で Because I believe that love begins at home, and if we can create a home for the poor – I think that more and more love will spread. ストックホルムでは、12月10日にノーベル賞の授賞式が行われ、授賞式のあとに行われた晩餐会で、受賞者が恒例のスピーチ。 文学賞を受賞したイシグロ氏はイギリスに移住する前の5歳の時の日本での体験をもとにしたスピーチをしました。 「5歳の時、長崎の家で母から『のーべるしょう』という日本語を聞き、それは『へいわ』をもたらすものだと教えてもらいました。 長崎が原爆によって被害を受けてから14年しか経ってい … From the time that I have come here I have simply been surrounded with love, and with real, real understanding love. I had the most extraordinary experience with a Hindu family who had eight children. He recognised the Prince of Peace, he recognised that Christ has come to bring the good news for you and for me. Maybe in our own family we have somebody who is feeling lonely, who is feeling sick, who is feeling worried, and these are difficult days for everybody. But I have seen it very often. If you become a burning light in the world of peace, then really the Nobel Peace Prize is a gift of the Norwegian people. She took hold of my hand, as she said one word only: Thank you – and she died. And begin love there. そしてどうやって子供達にそのことが通じたのか分かりませんが、4歳の小さなヒンズーの男の子が彼の両親にこう言ったのです。:, I will not eat sugar for three days, I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa for her children. Today the little children they have – I was so surprised – there is so much joy for the children that are hungry. And how beautiful it will be that from here a centre for peace has been given. And you know what they have told me? マザー・テレサ(Mother Teresa, 1910年 8月26日 - 1997年 9月5日)、あるいはコルカタの聖テレサ(Saint Teresa of Calcutta)は、カトリック教会の修道女にして修道会「神の愛の宣教者会」の創立者。 またカトリック教会の聖人である。 本名はアルーマニア語でアグネサ/アンティゴナ・ゴンジャ・ボヤ … マザー・テレサの来訪 No.7 . After three days his father and mother brought him to our home. To be able to do this, our Sisters, our lives have to be woven with prayer. But there were those children, radiating joy, sharing the joy with their mother because she had the love to give. How much we do to Him in the person that we are serving. So every hour of the day and night it is always somebody, we have quite a number of unwedded mothers – tell them come, we will take care of you, we will take the child from you, and we will get a home for the child. We have 24 hours in this presence, and so you and I. だいたい「気付け」「察しろ」ってエスパーでもあるまいし無理に決まってます。分からないか... 「よいお年を」の敬語はありますか?年末最後の仕事納めの日に上司に「よいお年を」的なことをいう場合は何と言えばいいのでしょうか? マザー・テレサの名言. They can teach us so many beautiful things. I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, loved and cared for. And I did not see a single one with their smile on their face. How is it that the people they have everything here, why are they all looking towards the door, why are they not smiling? Be that good news to your own people. Around the world, not only in the poor countries, but I found the poverty of the West so much more difficult to remove. And we will be able to overcome all the evil that is in the world. God bless you!. When she came back I asked her – where did you go, what did you do? I think that this is something, that we must live life beautifully, we have Jesus with us and He loves us. They have just gone home to God; and they came to our house and we talked of love, of compassion, and then one of them asked me: Say, Mother, please tell us something that we will remember, and I said to them: Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family. これは、私がガンディー、バシャ・カーン、そしてマザー・テレサから学んだ非暴力という哲学なのです。 And this is the forgiveness that I have learnt from my mother and father. マザー・テレサは三度来日したが、そのたびに上智大学を訪問して講演した。1981 年は「ビューテ 00 人の学生・教職員に深い感動を残した。1982 年は「飢えることとは? 有名なのは冒頭スピーチのこの部分 「私は受賞に値するような人間ではないけれど、 世界の最も貧しい人々に代わってこの賞を受けます。」 ここにマザーテレサがノーベル平和賞を受賞した際の スピーチの全文が収録されています。 長さは約3分です。 He makes himself the hungry one – the naked one – the homeless one – the sick one – the one in prison – the lonely one – the unwanted one – and he says: You did it to me. みなさま、こんにちは。ピンク社長こと多田多延子です。マザーテレサのご出生国マケドニア共和国のマザーテレサ記念館主催のマザー・テレサ写真展が上智大学で開催され、オープニングセレモニーにて、スピーチさせていただきました。 それで会社で飲んでいて、私が感情的になり、夫の立場関係なく怒鳴り散らしてしまいました。 The news was peace to all of good will and this is something that we all want – the peace of heart – and God loved the world so much that he gave his son – it was a giving – it is as much as if to say it hurt God to give, because he loved the world so much that he gave his son, and he gave him to Virgin Mary, and what did she do with him? One evening we went out and we picked up four people from the street. We are carved in the palm of His hand, so close to Him that unborn child has been carved in the hand of God. 愛と慈しみの象徴「マザー・テレサ」この名前を知らないという人は、世界中探してもほとんどいないのではないでしょうか。インドを中心に世界の貧しい人たちのために生涯をかけて奉仕し、無償の愛と慈善の心をその身を持って体現した、世界で最も偉大な人物の 2016/2/17 時間は夜はダメとか朝がいいとかありますでしょうか? At the beginning of the year I told, I spoke everywhere and I said: Let us make this year that we make every single child born, and unborn, wanted. And she gave me a very simple answer: They are hungry also. And I think they said a beautiful sentence. And she died with a smile on her face. And to make sure we remember his great love he made himself the bread of life to satisfy our hunger for his love. And we read in the Scripture, for God says very clearly: Even if a mother could forget her child – I will not forget you – I have carved you in the palm of my hand. You too try to bring that presence of God in your family, for the family that prays together stays together. こちらもかなり危険なような気がしますが、 And so let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love, and once we begin to love each other naturally we want to do something. This is what my soul is telling me, be peaceful and love everyone. The poor are very wonderful people. We have been created in his image. Our hunger for God, because we have been created for that love. I think some of you already have got it – so we will pray together.2. He was that little unborn child, was the first messenger of peace. It is not enough for us to say: I love God, but I do not love my neighbour. マザーテレサのご出生国マケドニア共和国のマザーテレサ記念館主催のマザー・テレサ写真展オープニングセレモニーにて、代表理事の多田多延子がスピーチ致しました。 And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today. 愛とは、大きな愛情をもって小さなことをすることです。 「砂糖を三日間食べないから、その砂糖をマザーテレサの子供達のために渡そうと思っているんだ」. And as if that was not enough – it was not enough to become a man – he died on the cross to show that greater love, and he died for you and for me and for that leper and for that man dying of hunger and that naked person lying in the street not only of Calcutta, but of Africa, and New York, and London, and Oslo – and insisted that we love one another as he loves each one of us. Let us love one another as he loved us. マザー・テレサの英語の名言には「Peace begins with a smile.(平和は微笑みから始まります)」などがあります。 神の愛の宣教者会の創立者であり、カトリック教会の聖人、マザー・テレサ(1910~1997)の英語の名言をご紹介します。 We would not be here if our parents would do that to us. 以前、私達はカルカッタで砂糖を手に入れるのにものすごく苦労しました。, and I don’t know how the word got around to the children, and a little boy of four years old, Hindu boy, went home and told his parents: It hurt Jesus to love us, it hurt him. And the only companion that he enjoys is smoking. And the joy of loving Him and each other – let us give now – that Christmas is coming so close. Just as I have said today, I have said that if I don’t go to Heaven for anything else I will be going to Heaven for all the publicity because it has purified me and sacrificed me and made me really ready to go to Heaven. 答えと解説をよろしくお願いします ♀️, 冬休みに俳句の宿題が出て季語のある俳句6個考えて来るように言われたのですが、思いつかないので手伝って欲しいです(>_<), 卒業論文を書いています。海外のおもてなし・ホスピタリティについて調べたいのですが、いい参考文献を見つけることができません。ホテルなど、宿泊施設に限ったものがいいです。どなたか教えていただけないでしょうか?, 「主体性を持って多様な人々と協働して学ぶ態度」について、これに関する経験を書きなさいってゆー課題が出たのですが、具体的にどのようなことを書けば良いのでしょうか?よく理解出来ていないので分かる方がいたらぜひ教えていただけないでしょうか?. We are fighting abortion by adoption, we have saved thousands of lives, we have sent words to all the clinics, to the hospitals, police stations – please don’t destroy the child, we will take the child. And this I appeal in India, I appeal everywhere: Let us bring the child back, and this year being the child’s year: What have we done for the child? So you pray for our Sisters and for me and for our Brothers, and for our Co-Workers that are around the world. 大きなことができる人はたくさんいます。 しかしながら、小さいことをしようとする人はごくわずかしかいないのです。 ‐[1910-97] 旧ユーゴスラビア マケドニア「神の愛の宣教者会」創立者 1979年ノーベル平和賞受賞者 マザー・テレサ(本 And they came to Calcutta to our house. And that is what strikes me most, the beginning of that sentence, that even if a mother could forget something impossible – but even if she could forget – I will not forget you. We are talking of peace. As soon as he came in her life – immediately she went in haste to give that good news, and as she came into the house of her cousin, the child – the unborn child – the child in the womb of Elizabeth, leapt with joy. I am so used to see the smile on our people, even the dying one smile, and she said: This is nearly every day, they are expecting, they are hoping that a son or daughter will come to visit them. And today the greatest means – the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion. And I felt quite at home I was telling Sister today. The other day one of them came to thank and said: You people who have vowed chastity you are the best people to teach us family planning. Give your be… マザー・テレサのスピーチをする際には、事前に必ず1度は イメージトレーニング をしておくことがおすすめです。 本番を想定してイメージトレーニングを行うことで、当日は逆にリラックスした感覚を … He knew that he wanted to share his love. And my answer was very simple. Let us make that one point: That no child will be unwanted, and also that we meet each other always with a smile, especially when it is difficult to smile. And I turned to the Sister and I asked: How is that? And I saw the children – their eyes shinning with hunger – I don’t know if you have ever seen hunger. 11月にプロポーズをされ、婚約したのですが、とても困っています。婚約をする前の段階で、彼の実家のローンが辛かったり、旅行に行く時のペットの面倒を見てもらえたり 、お金の部分や今後のことを考え、実家を売って新しい家を建てたいから一緒に住んで欲しいと彼の両親にせがまれていました。 JavaScriptが無効です。ブラウザの設定でJavaScriptを有効にしてください。JavaScriptを有効にするには, コイン500枚です。全部解いてください。 というものでした。 それが原... 目上の人から「良いお年を」と言われて、私もその言葉を返したいんですが、目上に人に対して「良いお年を」はおかしいですよね?なにか丁寧な言い方ってありますか?. And one of them was in a most terrible condition – and I told the Sisters: You take care of the other three, I take of this one that looked worse. And then another one asked me: Are you married, and I said: Yes, and I find it sometimes very difficult to smile at Jesus because he can be very demanding sometimes. And I went there, and I saw in that home they had everything, beautiful things, but everybody was looking towards the door. And I think that we in our family don’t need bombs and guns, to destroy to bring peace – just get together, love one another, bring that peace, that joy, that strength of presence of each other in the home. And also, we are doing another thing which is very beautiful – we are teaching our beggars, our leprosy patients, our slum dwellers, our people of the street, natural family planning. 文字数制限があれば下からお願いします。, 小学3年生の宿題で「はした」という言葉が出て ステイ・ハングリー、ステイ・フーリッシュは有名, 2009年ミシガン大学の卒業式スピーチ 「今年が去り、来年が来るのは、どうにも動かせない事実だから 見当がつかないので今から、ドキドキしています。 「では、良いお年をお過ごしください。」と言われました。 So I took some rice and I went there immediately. 最近あちこちでアスベストが含まれていると騒がれていますが、初期はインテリアの店で一万円近くしたマットがダイソーで300円で買えるようになってから、5枚くらい買ってお風呂マットの代わりに家にあります。 Let us keep that joy of loving Jesus in our hearts.